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   |  About Sour Sop Leaf Teas

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In the Caribbean, the Sour Sop is commonly used to make a delicious creamy drink. The fruit comes from the graviola tree, or Annona muricata, which produces the sweet soursop fruit.

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   |  What Makes Ceylon Black Teas Special?

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Ceylon Black Tea is a widely-consumed type of black tea grown in Sri Lanka and is the most popular type of tea production in Sri Lanka for export.

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   |   What is Black Tea?

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Black tea comes from a shrub called Camellia sinensis. The aroma, taste, and color of black tea depend on factors such as the species of Camellia; the country, region, and garden or estate where it was grown; the year and season of harvest...

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   |  Custom Tea Blends

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Well, we are pleased to tell you that we can create any blend you desire.  Our process is simple. First browse our selection of teas and choose the teas you would like to include in your blend.

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