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Indian Assam Tea

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Indian Assam Tea - Loose Leaf

The finest tea leaves from India's finest tea farms are specially selected and blended to ensure a rich robust flavor and aroma. 

Classic Chai Tea Preparation:
(for 2 cups of tea)
1.75 cups of water
0.5 cup milk or cream (we recommend almond or coconut milk alternatives)
2 tea bags of Assam Tea
1 tablespoon honey (or other natural sweeteners)
2 pinches cinnamon
1 pinch cardamon powder
1 pinch black pepper powder
3-4 mint leaves (optional)

1)  Bring water to full boil
2)  Add 2 Assam tea bags (or loose leaf)
3)  Let brew/boil for 2 more minutes
4)  Add milk and spices
5)  Let boil for another 2 to 3 minutes
6)  Add honey or other sweetener (strain if loose leaf) and enjoy

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