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Did you know that black tea can reduce mimic wrinkles, prevent pimples and detox the skin?

Some of the bioactive elements of Black Tea include: Vitamins (B2, C, E), minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc, some essential oils, Polyphenols and Tannins.  Some studies have shown that black tea protects us from getting cancer due to a high content of polyphenols antioxidants. Tannins give tea its dark hue and its antioxidant properties, which are also contained in blueberries, lemons and Earl Grey tea. Tannins can protect us from the harmful impact of environmental pollution on our face and skin. Our Tea Facial Packs are ideal to include into your facial regimen, see our custom created tea facial pack choices below.

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Available Tea Facial Packs:
Ceylon Black Tea with Blueberry and infused Salt blend
Ceylon Black Tea with Lemon and infused Salt blend
Ceylon Black Tea with Earl Grey and infused Salt blend